FlexiShield MAT

Makes Your Possession Even More Special

FlexiShield Paint Protection products are self-healing and heat curable because of a flexible component in the film, which is also known as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This class of films has many properties including elasticity, transparency, stain and abrasion resistance. A combination of hard and soft co-polymers reacts to rebind and retain their shape causing these PPF films to reseal and heal themselves.



    The ability to heal is an advanced feature inside the films coating called thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU), a flexible thermoplastic layer that can self-heal once damage occurs. Slight abrasions, scratches or outdoor hazards can be easily averted with these time-tested products.


    The matte, satin finish of the top-coat gives the paint a smooth, muted look, instantly improving the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Instantly changes the look of the car on the road, while also giving it the protection it needs to keep the paint underneath fresh and perfect.


    The anti-stain protection comes from polyurethane dispersion (PUD), which is a self-cross-linking technology that enhances coating properties, such as hardness, water, and solvent resistance.

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