Cosmetic PPF

FlexiShield Cosmetic PPF

Sometimes you don’t need to make the impossible choice between flawless paint and driving in style. With colored PPF, instantly transform the look of a car with one of our amazing tones while also protecting it from all kinds of road hazards. With special attention paid to the brilliance of each color while retaining the integrity of its polyurethane construction, FlexiShield cuts no corners in the production of this film. Don’t accept the flimsy feel and mottled texture of vinyl wraps when you can have the strong, dependable advantages of paint protection film.


Bright with a confident shimmer, this is as close to gem-encrusted as you can get.

Brick Red

Sturdy and robust, these reddish hues have an impressive depth to them.


An orange hue with an edge to it.


A summery and golden tone for warm days on the interstate or at the car show.


Calm but vibrant, seafoam makes curves and edges a joy to look at.


Bright and full of life, this shiny green brings a lot of energy.

Mint Fresh

A cool, refreshing take on a blue-green blend.

Dusk Sky

A visualization of the sky as day turns to dusk with a simple silvery blue blend.

Shining Silver

Tech-savvy and forward-thinking, it captures the luster of natural silver.

Black Bronze

Subtle bronze flecks on a black base makes for a deviously strong appearance.

Gold Flake

The pinnacle of luxury and the height of class.


Subtle in tone but not on the road, this pink stands out.

Racing Red

A racing red fit for any track, the closest thing to visual horsepower.

Highlighter Yellow

A neon yellow pops on the road to make a bold statement with your sportscar.

Acidic Lime

A bolt of green energy infused into the aesthetic of your car.

Sky Blue

A picturesque clear sky on a breezy day captured to display on your vehicle.


An electric blue uncommon except for those willing to take boldness into their garage.

Simple Silver

A smoky, stealthy gray to stand out by blending in.

Pitch Black

Timeless, classic, and versatile, murder out your car or black out specific elements.

Sparkling Pearl

Replicating the irresistible iridescence of pearl with blue and pink flakes.

Magenta Shift

Hidden underneath a layer of satin is an attractive magenta hue, revealed only at certain angles.

Deep Space

Midnight black with a white shimmer gives it increased depth and the illusion of three dimensions.


Hidden somewhere in the dense foliage is a captivating mix of leafy greens and cool blues.


A seamless transition from deep blue to bright purple, make a cosmic statement.


The hidden beauty and allure of the Arctic, now protecting your car.

Pine Green

Deep, foresty green reveals itself as light meets its surface.


A brilliant display of green and purple effortlessly switching around every bend and corner.

Magenta Switch

Hidden under the smoke is a passionate array of magenta flake.

Peach Blush

Effortless flow from a warm, peachy tone to a vivid fuchsia.