Trunk Edge

FlexiShield IG has introduced a suave collection of trunk edge protectors which are extremely durable. It protects the cargo by preventing scratches, scrapes and dents, especially when there is loading or unloading of luggage from the cargo.

Rocker Panel

Manufactured from 8 mil polyurethane material, this rocker panel paint protection film by FlexiShield is completely invisible. It is applied on the exterior of the rocker panels is easily installed, and protects the car from tire debris and road abrasion.

Door Cup

FlexiShield IG Package introduces top-notch quality protection polyurethane films which are absolutely invisible and will assist in safeguarding the quality of the exterior paint around the door handles. As a result, minor scratches and stains can be covered up easily, giving the car an nice, crisp look.


The perfect headlight protection equipment by FlexiShield IG, this protection film is of 8 mil thick, with supreme quality TPU film with a scratch resistant polyurethane coating. It is designed to protect the glass and the lighting surfaces from the adverse effects of pebbles, road abrasion and ultraviolet rays.

Door Sill

This paint protection film kit by FlexiShield is not only easy to install but also aids in shielding the car’s doorjamb against tough scratches and scuffs. Procured from 6 mil polyurethane material, the door sill provides a smooth and clear finish for brilliant radiance and tenacity.

Door Edge

An absolute wonder, this invisible door edge paint protection film by FlexiShield is of premium quality, with extremely durable features and can be easily installed by hand. It helps in safeguarding the door edges from rock chips and scratches.