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In any business, achieving profitability is vital. To do this successfully you need an arsenal of sales, marketing, and business skills at your disposal. Representing a great line of products and gaining some hands-on installation experience will set the stage for your long-term success. At our FlexiShield training centers, we offer courses to prepare our dealers and distributors for how best to handle and sell our products. We teach the fundamentals of running a successful film business, marketing strategies and how to build great relationships to grow a thriving enterprise. We also prepare trainees for FlexiShield Factory Certification, an official recognition of product mastery by the direct manufacturer.

Enrollees in the FlexiShield training programs are given comprehensive knowledge, in-depth industry guidance, and hands-on installation experience. We also include instruction for windshield protection film installation, using FlexiShield DFR. Join us for an experience like no other in the film industry.

FlexiShield training classes are held in various parts of the world throughout the year. Training locations can be found in the United States, Australia, China, and the Middle East.

Every student in the FlexiShield training program will receive an entire set of tools and materials needed to install our products and a complete training manual. Several different packages are available for enrollees in the Beginner Course to fit any budget, including Basic, Preferred, and Elite, all of which come with installation tools and training rolls. FlexiShield 101 is the cheapest option available, for those looking just for the education and factory certificate. Small class size ensures each student will get specialized attention. Students receive a complete evaluation of their skills and helpful constructive advice to hone their skills from entry level to mastery over time.

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    The Keys to Success

    Sales and marketing

    Competition in the paint protection film market is fierce, and the benefits of choosing the right brand can sometimes be overlooked by unexperienced customers. Our sales and marketing courses will prepare your team to actively approach and retain new clients and business opportunities by simply building on the benefits of a superior brand.

    Customer service

    Building the right reputation and winning the loyalty of your customers does not only depend on a good experience at the shop. Continuous client satisfaction services and monitoring strategies are an absolute necessity to ensure a solid and sustainable business that will grow on constant recommendations.

    Installation and management

    From the technical aspects of pattern-cutting software and best practices during hands-on installation, to the efficient management of material, time and staff, our installation and shop management courses will guarantee that every customer going into your shop will be completely satisfied with the speed and quality of the results.

    Training Locations

    Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

    Wacol, QLD, Australia

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